Posted by: pweng's world | February 23, 2008

Beejay Wong’s Hate List

things I hate the most

things I hate the most (Source:

Thank to you Beejay T .Wong, whoever you are. I really appreciated what you’ve written. I would also like to add some of my hate list here. For the readers, you can also add some to this list if you want.

Feel free to repost this (Of course you have to include links to this post and inform me if you have done so that I can update this post. Thank you.)

“Every one of us has his own hate list. No offense dudes, I don’t have anything in mind but this. I don’t have a choice but to publish this article. I know you don’t care what my ass has to say, but anyway, here it is…

CHAIN DAWGS – I don’t see any point why some teenagers use huge chains as necklaces or ornaments in their pockets. Those kind of chains are for dogs for godsakes… aren’t you man’s best friend???

MY SUGGESTION: Let someone hold one end of the chain while walking (It’s a perfect picture)”

GROWN-UPS – Grown-ups never get a teenager’s point, never consider point of views and they always rule! Can’t you get it? Let us do what we want. When you were at our age, your world isn’t like your world. I am glad there are others who still gets it.

MY SUGGESTION: Watch Girls Gone Wild or Woodstuck

TRYING HARD FASHIONISTAS – Why are you trying so hard wearing that skinny jeans/tight pants, slippers/thongs/flats, Chucks/Vans imitations, hooded jackets from the flea market, knee-high socks, wide/studded belts, etc. if doesn’t even look good on you?!? Duh! Simplicity is beauty my dear. Whenever I go to the mall, I see everyone wearing same the outfit. Look at the Koreans; they have their own sense of style.

MY SUGGESTION: Shave your head like Britney Spears

LOVERS-IN-ACTION – I hate lovers that are having a public display of affection. Yup, you love each other but it sucks to see you hug and kiss in public, ulkkk! I nearly puked! Even when the day is so hot but they still manage to hug so tight. It is so disgusting.

MY SUGGESTION: Watch a movie and look for a seat where no one can see the action.


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