Posted by: pweng's world | March 13, 2008

DoTA Can Be Dangerous To Your Health

pudge the butcher

pudge the butcher

I was surprised when I watch the local Iloilo news, Ratsada, yesterday afternoon. There was a news about a kid who collapsed because of long hours playing DoTA. DoTA as what Ilonggos usually call it actually means Defense of the Ancients, a version of Warcraft. This game was a hit in Iloilo for almost 3 years. There were tournaments and bets for this game. Sometimes opponents get pissed and hit each other. I am also a DoTA player and very addicted to it.

I-Zone was one of the popular gaming stations here in Iloilo. Even though the air condition is not functioning well, it is still full of DoTA addicts. The hourly rate was cheap and they were using this thin but wide screens which playing was very enjoyable.

At first, this kid who collapsed was suspected of too much playing computer games. But when he was bought to the hospital it was found out that he had a cardiac arrest and eventually died. I don’t think the cause of his was too much playing… I think he died of heat stroke. Witnesses said he was not even playing. He was just watching his friend.

There are two areas in I-Zone. The other area is air-conditioned. For the past few months, the place was like hell. It was too hot. The air-condition went down. I was wondering what damage it will do not only to the customers but also to the computers. The air-condition went functioning again a week ago and this kid still died.

Maybe he got stressed watching the game or simply because he cant take the heat.


  1. it’s a pity to that kid..
    I m a dota addict too..
    but i’ll be quitting it soon…
    find a new game =9

  2. Did he drop any good loot?

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