Posted by: pweng's world | March 25, 2008

Shaping the City of My Dreams

Agtalin Shrine Capiz

Agtalin Shrine Capiz

Every time someone asks where I was living and when I told them Capiz, they would look suspicious. Some say that Capiz is where the witches live but in spite of the myth of dwarfs, monsters and evil spirits, the place still remains somewhat captivating. I have heard stories during my childhood about these legends but never believed in them. If it is true, why would there be people living in it.

The biggest opportunities for the people living here are endless. Getting a degree is the most important stage in life so that we can survive and prepare for our future. Capiz is a good place for learning. Now, some colleges have transformed into universities. You can choose an educational institution according to your culture. The Filamer Christian College University is a Christian school that has a proven record of very successful graduates.There are also schools for Roman Catholics like the Colegio de la Purisima Concepcion and St. Mary’s Academy of Capiz. I have spent highschool in St. Mary’s Academy of Capiz. The school mostly participated in religious activites. A mass is held every first Friday of the month.

There are 4 hospitals enough to serve the people’s medical needs. It already have 4 telecommunication companies, 33 banking establishments , and 2 shopping malls. For now, I can see that the city has improved and progressed.

The city is considered as the cleanest city in Western Visayas. Capiz is renowned for its “capiz shells”. These shells are made into windows, lanterns and other ornaments. Roxas City is the capital city of Capiz and known as the seafood capital of Philippines. Oysters, green shells, scallops and squid are sold at a cheaper rate. You can also find plenty of fish in the city, especially milkfish and blue marlin.

The people are very hospitable and accommodating. They see to it that tourists will have the best time of their lives. Many of them were so fascinated by its beauty that they decided to stay.

Looking for a place to stay in Capiz is not a problem. More and more real estate companies are emerging in the city which offers the services that suits your needs. More and more are captivating Capiz.

This is an unfinished article that is supposed to be an entry for an essay competition. I was not able to finish because I was too late. I just found out about this contest a few weeks ago. I went home to spent the Holy Week with my family and there is no computer at home. We just bought a second-hand pc at a surplus shop and the internet connection was set-up yesterday. For more information about my hometown, go to this website:

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