Posted by: pweng's world | April 4, 2008

Extra Rice Please

rice shortage

rice shortage

Do you eat at Mang Inasal? Mang Inasal is a chicken haus that serves chicken. They also have pork and desserts. But what’s more interesting in this place is that they are serving unlimited rice for your favorite meals. I think this is the first in the country. At first there is bottomless ice tea, and now unlimited rice. Hmmm… do you ever wonder where they are getting their rice?

Until now, news all over is about rice shortage. The main reason, most farms are being bulldozed to build commercial buildings. Hell yeah. What happened to the government? Do you know what you are doing? Or maybe you are just blind? These buildings ruin millions of lives. Farmers will lose their jobs and we will have nothing to eat. You keep on thinking how to solve the problem and yet you are making the problem.

Why not spend it to support farms rather than to build these buildings? These buildings won’t change poverty. It makes is worse. Lots of people are suffering because of this. What will these buildings do for them? They are not even allowed in these places. This can also lead to more criminals. Prices are increasing and increasing which some people rather steal because they could not afford it. 

I would rather build a shelter for the homeless. It really doesn’t make sense. These buildings, especially the commercial ones only make the poor, poorer and the rich, richer. Why? Because we tend to buy stuff that we do not even need.

Now, I truly believe that money is the root of all evil. The more money you have, the more evil you get. If you can’t afford it, steal it. That is why our country never progresses. Our presidents are always impeached, there are more rallies.

If charity begins at home, maybe these kinds of people have not experienced it or maybe they do not have enough rice eaten that makes hungry for more power, for more money. To anyone out there who have extra rice in their rice cookers, can you please give them extra rice or maybe not.


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