Posted by: pweng's world | April 11, 2008

What Is A PageRank For?

googling Google

googling Google

I have been thinking… What is a pagerank for? What does it do? Why is it so important? After months of blogging, I realized that a pagerank is very important have a successful blog. If your blog has no pagerank, you’ll never earn.

Another question popped in my mind. How can I get a pagerank? Well, a blog can get a page rank when it is almost 3 months old. Depending on the traffic and number of page views, then a blog can get a good page rank and you can start making money.

One more question. How can I get enough traffic to my blog? You can get enough traffic by making reviews or comments on other blogs. In this way, you have made a free link to your blog. You can also join free online contests if you want. There are some blogs that have contests with up to $100 as the grand prize.

Just remember that your blog will not live without a pagerank.

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