Posted by: pweng's world | April 15, 2008

A P200 Worth of Food Got Stolen

overloaded tricycle

overloaded tricycle

A tricycle driver never noticed that his passenger had stolen a P200.00 worth of food. This food came from the market and must be sent home (The driver sometimes do errands for his neighbors). He went back to where he dropped the passenger off but no one admitted it.

The owner of that food filed a complaint. He filed a blotter on the radio which caused the driver to stop what he was doing. That was the only thing he does for living. If the driver cannot repay the damage then the owner will file a case.

Where It Happened: Roxas City, Capiz


Based from the report, I can see that some people would steal food just to survive. It is too hard to survive into today’s world. Ay, ambot (Ah, whatever)! What it will happen to them too? They were savoring the food that do not even belong to them. I hope you choke to death. As for the driver, he should pay attention to his passengers. And to the owner, try to understand the driver’s situation. Talk about the problem and think of other options rather than ruining someone’s reputation.

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