Posted by: pweng's world | April 18, 2008

Signs of a New Beginning

New Beginning

New Beginning

I have experienced a very unusual moment in my life. This did not happen once, but twice. Last year was a hard year for me. I was sluggish. I am too lazy to do what I was supposed to do – to go to school. I began dong the maňaňa habit. I always say that there will be tomorrow anyway (may bwas pa man ah). But so many days have passed and it was always like that.

This is not the moment yet. This moment in my life once happen when I was grounded. I was grounded for what I did. My cellphone was taken away for me; I have no allowance and forced to work.

One night, my family was having a dispute about me. A dispute on what went wrong and what I was supposed to do. Even there was a dispute, we went out to watch some fireworks display. It was beautiful. At that moment, I had found hope for my dreams to come true.

But to my surprise, this moment happened again. There was another dispute, not for me anymore. Then you know what? I was so amazed. This was the best fireworks display I have ever seen!!!

That’s when I noticed something. Every time a big dispute occurs, there were fireworks. It is like a rainbow that showed up after a heavy rain, just as the Noahic covenant. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel and there is always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Just like these fireworks. For me, it is a sign of new hope, a sign of a new beginning.


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