Posted by: pweng's world | April 21, 2008

SMART Communications Can Increase Poverty

SMART Communications

SMART Communications

I was having some problems with SMART Communications this weekend. They are eating up my load!!!

I already had P60+ worth of load. Thinking I do not have enough load because of a sending failure, I reloaded P100 worth of load and I still cannot send a message. I friend of mine gave me P5 of her load and again sending failed. …and again, I reloaded an additional of P30 worth of load… and again sending failed! What the f*ck! I have 21 messages that have sent but failed. 21 because I d o not want to waste my time with this crap! I just check from time to time if I can send a message.

I can check my balance through making a call … and I can also make a call which is not really my way of using my load. I tried to call customer service but there is no answer…

I cannot send a message for the entire weekend! Is this what you have in mind? I thought you are “SMART”? But you’re not. You are proud to say you have millions of subscribers and yet, you do not provide quality service. Do not tell me I don’t understand because I do. Your business is people and you should keep that in mind.

I not familiar with your system but as a computer science student I know that a system needs to be maintained and updated. Yes, there will be times that a system fails but if this is a business, errors should be minimized.

We expect to be provided with our needs and for all you know; we use cellphone to send text messages for some purposes. Some people are having misunderstandings because of what happened. And also some important transactions are missed.

Do not fool use with your promotions that can save us money. In fact, we are wasting more money without noticing it. If most of your users keep their mouths shut, well I am sorry but I can’t.

This is too much for me already. I will not expect for my load to be refunded. All I need is to be heard. This is for the millions of subscribers that spend a lot and yet you are not giving us the service we deserve.

You are eating up our load without any reason while we spend so much for it thus you are increasing poverty in our country. Some people would rather spend on buying a load than to spend it on food.



  1. smarts sucks my load everytime, just like today, I saw it only P2.18 after I load P100 yesterday and send 2 local messages yesterday only. Now its only P2 ???? WTF, Smart!!! is this a good service to your people??????

  2. I guess they are smart. Because they thought of a way to steal money from us, and they made it legal. I remembered a group made an outcry on the television, and this suddenly stopped. But after a month, it goes again. I’ll surely switch to another network, like sun or globe. Because I can’t tolerate something like this. I loaded P30, then after a second or two that I got the confirmation, a message was sent to me by 206. It says “U got an MMS. ur fone my not b MMS configured or u may not hav enough load to receive MMS….” Then pfff! My P30 load is gone. WTF?

  3. I agree with you. I am getting so pissed off with what is happening to my smart load. I am wasting money on the ads they send that I don’t even subscribe to. This is really quite annoying. I am planning on having my whole family to switch to another network provider if they don’t fix this.

  4. Yes they are’nt that smart after, I am experiencing the same issue everytime i load 30 pesos. After sending one message a promo prompt like free mp3 which i never joined keeps on prompting and after that my load is gone. I’ve spent around 300 hoping that it will stop, but it didnt. I guess I should stop using the smart sim and change to globe or sun cellular. To all users who is experiencing the same issue with smart, be smart and tell us your stories, maybe when this site is flooded with comments they’ll do something about this. Thank you pweng for initiating a blog on this issue.

  5. Stupid Smart they eat up my load never join any of their promos they’ll eat up your load you i just joined the load o bayong silly thy eat up 20 pesos every time they send a useless replyfoofooooooooooo SMART gago kayo.

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