Posted by: pweng's world | May 20, 2008

How Time Management Can Improve Your Life

Time management

Time management

Time management is very important in your every day routine like chores, homework, examinations and deadlines. You are stressed and pressured when there is no enough time to finish your tasks. Not having the ability to manage your time can affect your well-being. Tons of unfinished tasks pile up until you decided to just put it away.

Leaving unfinished tasks keep you from moving on like a lost soul that was never at peace, wandering on earth and not knowing where to go. You say that there is no more time to finish it but the reality is that there is always time for everything. I have been a lazy person and I realized that being lazy is not good. It keeps me from doing the things that must be done. My whole life was affected; I am too lazy to go to school, too lazy to study and to lazy to do my chores. But now, I decided to change, to change to be a better person.

I have learned that listing your goals and meeting the deadlines helps a lot in time management. You have to list what you have to do each day and check it if there are some things that are not yet done. You must keep track of your goals because they become worthless when you lose track of it. Putting up notes of your goals wherever that is visible to you; mirrors, drawers, refrigerators, anywhere! Having a timetable can help a lot in doing the day’s work. At times that you feel bored having nothing to do, get a piece of paper and reflect on what possible options that you can do for the day. Set a time for it and check it before you go to bed so that you will know what you have accomplished. You must have control and discipline. Some traits of successful people are having a principle in life, working out problems than blaming themselves and having a motivation. You also have to discover what your talent is.

Do not worry about your problems. Think of problems as bubbles that float in the air and later disappear. Learn from your weaknesses and learn how to overcome them. Consider a place to study where there are no disturbances. Give yourself a reward after doing all the sacrifices. You can never have a reward before a sacrifice but you can have karma instead. Making a reminder why you have to do these things and think of the benefits right after can also help you doing the things you have to do. Share your ideas to family and friends, they can help you. Do not over plan your goals since there is a possibility of not doing the task anymore. Prayer can also help you; God is always there for you. God gives these problems for He knows you can get through it, He gives you more problems if you tend to forget Him. These problems serve as a reminder for you to talk to Him and the explanation that you are living. Do everything you can more than just a regular person.

Look out for yourself, keep energized and have a balanced diet. Proper food intake is mostly important. Having a conditioned body makes it easier to think, meditate and manage your time no matter how hectic it is. Add a little patience for the difficult tasks you encounter. Break them down to smaller pieces and eventually, it can be solved. Never think that you are too lazy or too tired to do it, it is all in the mind. A headache might stop you from doing it but with determination, no headache or any other illness will make you stop in reaching your goals.

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