Posted by: pweng's world | August 1, 2008

Google Is Very Unpredictable

google page rank

Google page rank

I heard days ago that I should watch out for the next Google update. And the following day, I was informed by Pigboom about the updates of my blogs’ pagerank. I was happy and at the same time sad because some of my blogs got its pagerank back and some dropped.

I know how a pagerank is evaluated but sometimes it is so unpredictable. I update my blogs once a month and wham! It has gained a good pagerank. I update my blogs almost every day and boom! It has a zero pagerank.

I came to realize that getting a pagerank varies on:

  • the number of outgoing links
  • the number of incoming links
  • the quality of outgoing/incoming links
  • search engine optimization
  • traffic

Google is so wise in evaluating pageranks and if I had known earlier, I can improve my blogs’ pageranks better. Now that I have learned from my mistakes, I am sure my blogs’ will gain pageranks when update comes.

Pweng’s World is one of the personal blogs of Sheilla May Baes, a Capizeña and a self-educated blogger.


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