Posted by: pweng's world | September 27, 2008

Minute Maid Pulpy Orange Has Zero Vitamin C

minute maid pulpy
minute maid pulpy orange

The first time I saw the Minute Maid Pulpy Orange on tv, I became curious what it tasted like. The tv ad was so captivating indeed. The drink has real pulpy bits, etc. So, my uncle wanted to try it and bought some for us. It is almost two weeks that our refrigerator had the drink in it.

But since I was a very keen observer, every time I ate or drunk, I never forgot to check on the back side for nutrition facts. And guess what guys, I was surprised. The newly released drink by Coca-cola is a fake.

Why is it a fake? It was said that it has real orange pulp bits and yet it has no Vitamin C in it. That’s true, Minute Maid Pulpy Orange by Coca-cola has no Vitamin C. Imagine that, enjoying real orange taste with real orange pulpy bits and no Vitamin C. It is like an orange fruit that has no Vitamin C, meaning it is artificial. So, why spend for it and not getting the nutrients you need? What a disappointment, right? If I wanted to invest for my life, like Jake of Compounding Dividends, I will invest wisely by not buying this product. It is just a waste of money.

minute maid pulpy
minute maid pulpy orange
minute maid pulpy
minute maid pulpy orange

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  1. I think you should read the ingredients again specially where it says ascorbic acid.

  2. Neither. That was what my microscopic eyeballs found in the label.

  3. wow how did you do vitamin c analysis?
    r u a chem student or a pharmacist?
    what devices did you use?

  4. …..actually u guys are all wrong. i just did a titration lab wit several different orange juices even freshly squeezed and minute maid had the most. chemistry is the best!

  5. I agree. The first time I tasted Minute Maid, it reminded me of del monte 202 crushed (?)orange juice,but there is a huge difference on the pulp. Minute maid’s pulp tasted like the residue you get from the juicer. “Para lang siyang tinga”, but I kinda’ like the not-too-concentrated taste.

  6. Hi Pweng, I am searching for this “minute maid” additional nutrition facts and wow I was surprised now. I loved this juice drink (I tried it a couple of weeks) and I thought it has a vitamin C but now I know it is FAKE. Yah, totally a waste of money. Thanks for the blog and the information. I really appreciate it.

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