Posted by: pweng's world | June 19, 2009

I Am Not A Poser

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make money online

It has been one of my dreams to have a laptop. Unlike other people, having a laptop is not why it makes me look cool. I am not a poser. I make money online and that is why having a laptop is very essential for me. Before, I spend most of my time at internet cafes. I have a desktop computer at home but there is no internet connection. I was planning to save my earnings to buy a laptop computer. But thanks to God that He made a way for me to have one.

Well, I did not work as hard as before. I have decided to work one step at a time to make things right. Making money online was a success for me even I did not have my own computer. I had a small capital with a big return of investment. It did not last that long though because my blogs are of free hosting.

My laptop was a gift and I did not have the chance to choose what I really liked. I am still thankful because my laptop is exceptional. I admit, I do not have enough knowledge in terms of desktop and laptop computers. I just have the knowledge to write and make money online. helps me a lot by providing information about computers and almost anything. updates me of the top pics and the features to consider in laptop computers.

Pweng’s World is one of the personal blogs of Sheilla May Baes, a Capizeña and a self-educated blogger.

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