Posted by: pweng's world | November 16, 2009

Beggars Should Learn How to Say Thank You

street beggars

street beggars

Beggars are exponentially increasing that is why the problem of poverty remains unsolved. Beggars are already a part of the community and nobody seems to care for them. Why do beggars exist? Well, a part of them can be blamed as the only way of survival that they know is, of course, to beg. But, what if the privileged ones will help them to have a better life? My guess is that these beggars will forever be beggars because they do not know how to say thank you if someone gives them a penny or some food.

Personally, I do not like beggars especially those street children who would not stop bugging me until I give something to them. They tug my clothes and hold me. They stick their faces in the car window, leaving a sticky stuff. I also do not like beggars that are too old with their middle-aged children tagging along with them. Their children are still strong enough to find a decent job.

What I hate the most are those people who make begging a career. Ms. Beggy, not her real name, presented me with a prescription info with a fully-emotive tagline of  “Inugbakal ko lang bulong… gamasakit akon bata…” (my child is ill and I needed to buy these…). I could always see Ms. Beggy at terminals and even at the church. There was a time that I told her that she was doing it over again, for a long time and she hurriedly left (almost stumbled). I only care for those people who are not mentally normal but live in the streets and beg.

It is terrifying to know that there are people like these – making a carreer and using abandoned children out of begging to make easy money. Sometimes, it is preferred to give food rather than money as some beg only to buy drugs or to gamble. I once remembered an announcement on TV that no one should give limos or alms to beggars or else they will be fined. But no matter what, beggars have a a strategy that no one could resist but to give. Some, use the name of God to beg. Beggars will do anything just to survive.

If beggars know how to say “Palimos po” or “Nang, taga-e man ko Nang…” (asking for alms), then I suppose they also know how to say “Salamat gid Nang…” (THANK YOU) instead of running away hurriedly after receiving something. It is a good feeling to hear that beggars thank you for something that you have given to them. Who knows? Maybe upon hearing it, beggars will receive continous support and live the life of their dreams.

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