Posted by: pweng's world | December 1, 2009

It’s A Tri-cycle Life, Uh, Ohh, Woah

The tricycle is the most common vehicular transport here in the Philippines.  It is the easiest way to make a living because of its low-cost maintenance. Riding on a tricycle is fun but dangerous. You can feel the cool wind and warmth of the sun. You can also get wet if the tricycle has no protection from the rain. And sometimes, you can get lost, taken to a dark place and … you know what I mean.

The tricycle drivers are unpredictable, too. Some are friendly and kind while some are grumpy and demanding. As a passenger, I have to be calm as possible and be considerate to avoid arguments. I can be generous to those who offered me rides and never complain. It is hard to judge those drivers since they have their own lives that we don’t know about.

As far I can see, a tricycle is like any other thing, and has its own life too. Imagine how the following tricycles have lived:


Tricycle waiting for passengers


Tricycle overloaded with happiness

Philippines Tricycle

Tricycle on the road

Philippines Tricycle

Tricycle on water

Philippines Tricycle

Tricycle during a storm


Tricycle as school bus in India

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