Posted by: pweng's world | October 30, 2010

Make a Fortune at Selling Hospital Scrubs


hospital scrubs

hospital scrubs ~ The Best and Worst Celebrity Halloween Costumes By Ashlee Davis,

Scrubs, the most important clothing for hospital employees like doctors and nurses. When my aunt was still a fresh nurse starting her dream career, she was awesomely resourceful to have found nursing scrubs on sale and they were the cheapest ones. It was always on sale when my aunt shopped. Her first shopping stop was the flea market. Germ freaks may think it is filthy but the flea market is where you can find the economical bits and pieces that you need every day.

Scrubs as we knew it were exclusive for nurses only but actually, there were also what we call the doctors scrubs. My aunt told me that doctors just do not wear those white lab coats, they wear scrubs too. I see, as long as you work in a hospital, you have got to grab a pair of scrubs.

I also noticed that scrubs were not in the usual white. Scrubs cloth pattern depends on who wears it and I can easily describe a doctor or a nurse based on the scrubs being worn. Scrubs come in plains, prints, florals and many more, as long as the fabric is cotton, scrubs come in all kinds of colors. If I were to put up a business, this is a great venture to start with. There are gazillions of hospital employees that I can make a fortune at. What I will do? Simple. Invest on wholesale scrubs and sell each of them for a higher price. Thanks to my aunt and the flea market.

Happy Halloween!


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