Posted by: pweng's world | June 17, 2011

Facebook Danger: Cyber-Social Life Overload


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Been there, done that. Now what?

First, let’s talk about history. The most number friends I had were only 10. Yes, as in 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10. My wall was deserted. My account was in hibernation. That was Facebook 4 years ago.

After I mingled with my hyper-active photography/travel blogger friends, my account resurrected. I had to. I need to check out the photos my friends recently took from our trip around the city. As time goes by, my friends increased from 10 to 400+. I accepted and added people even I didn’t know them in the flesh.

I witnessed the dangers of cyber-social life overload and it was scary. The freedom of speech has been used and abused. Nasty rants and criticisms were all over the news feed. Regrets then came after that. Everyone, the mainstream media or the netizens were at war against anything and most of them were crap.

Of course, we have a right but there is a limit to it. Let them mind their own business as they let you mind your own too.  

I’m sure you believe in karma. Oh well, I sometimes wonder why the bad ones are still be blessed while the good ones are left to suffer. Okay fine, life is an endless puzzle. We keep trying to fill in missing piece but still cannot put it all together.

Back to Facebook, I had experienced cyber-social life overload. You know, spending all day reading the news feed and checking out what’s new with your friends. I want to be noticed so I always post on my wall, wait for someone to like and comment on it. If there’s none, I’ll post again.

You can say something bad and still take it back but hey, it’s embedded in the memories of all your friends.

And why is Facebook not doing anything to kick the stinky spammers’ ass out of the network? They even can’t monitor underage profiles! One more thing, posting where you’re going or been at is self-destruction. I guess that’s for the rich and famous but you can’t predict what will happen next. Robbers, killers and stalkers are out there and you can be their prey.

Posting on your wall about your own coolness is self-praise. Why don’t you wait for your friends to praise you? I think its much better to shut up and let the time tell when you can reap your rewards.

But still, there’s something with Facebook that I can benefit from. It reminds me of things that I used to do and stuff I used to love. And, the best part is that, I am now committed not to be overly sociable in the network. I was once noticed on my own personal blog without Facebook’s help so let’s see if this still works today. Facebook is way much different now.

Based from Too Much Facebook Publicity Is Dangerous


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