Posted by: pweng's world | September 14, 2011

Pweng’s World Latest Blog Ranking is an Epic Fail :-(

pweng's epic fail

pweng's epic fail

Sadly, pweng’s world latest blog ranking is an epic fail. The entire blogging career of Pweng is a fail. Everything is a fail. A shameful epic fail.

It is a shame on my part because my efforts in the past turned into crap. I never imagined that after years of being one of most popular bloggers, my credibility is ground zero. My blogs are out there but they are in the twilight zone – empty and useless.

What happened Pweng? It’s time to wake up.

Basically, it all started with prioritization. I had to get that diploma as soon as possible. It was my only passport going to the near-freedom moment in my life. In addition to that, I had some “personal” responsibilities to take care of.

It was a difficult situation to handle. I do not have privacy and I have to run errands once in a while. I had a few side jobs but still cannot find the missing piece in my puzzle. I decided to move on where I can explore and be what I want to be.  I got about 50% moral support. You know that there are people who cannot understand the blogging industry. I said to myself that I must keep a bit of privacy about my personal life so do not expect me to elaborate the story.

I did passed the BETA phase with flying colors. However, I failed mutation testing big time.  I cannot keep my blogs alive and kicking. I work at home like my other blogger friends but I am way beyond from what they have accomplished.

I already expected to get a very low rank for this blog. However, I cannot accept its overall value. A kid at a similar age can accomplish a lot. This blog got stuck in preschool. See for yourself. The photo says it all. 😦

Disregard the domain age. This is a free-hosted blog and they calculated it based from WordPress.

pweng's world blog ranking

pweng's world blog ranking by

Now what?

I really must get moving now. I do not know how or what.

I have to eat more words, digest them well and let it all out. I will revive myself without trying so hard. I do not have to be perfect. I am Pweng and I have my own way to reach my dreams.

Let me know if this post has grammatical errors. See you around my beloved readers. <(~_^<)

For over 4 years, this is my 32nd post and it has 378 words. What?!?


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