Posted by: pweng's world | September 28, 2011

Luminess Air Reviews – Megan Fox vs. Botox

Megan Fox vs. Botox

Megan Fox vs. Botox by

Having perfectly smooth skin is indeed possible in today’s progressive world. If you have not found the secret yet, get online and do some research about Luminess Air reviews. The reviews talk about a product that can make your face smoother than ever.

You may not be as famous as Megan Fox to be appearing in magazine covers, posters and billboards but you can have that skin like she has. Sad to say that there were rumors about her having Botox and she keeps on denying it. The truth still lies beneath between the fact and the wrinkled-face photos she published in Facebook.

Some people say that the photos are forged because the wrinkles are forming an awkward line in her forehead.

Anyway, she alone can confirm whether it is true or not. Maybe an actual video of her showing her wrinkles can solve the problem. Otherwise, she may have been reading about such reviews and started using the product.


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