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Reasonably-Priced and Homely Rental Place in Boracay

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Reasonably-Priced and Homely Rental Place in Boracay

cheap Boracay rental home

Located at Bantud, Manoc Manoc, Malay, Aklan

An 1850’s inspired structure, this nameless eight-sided, two-story Boracay rental home is a perfect place overlooking the ocean and mountains. Its elegance is aimed to maximize living space and provide more natural light while keeping the place cool even in summer.

A Boracay rental home that’s spacious enough to accommodate families in large numbers – 4 air-conditioned bedrooms with a capacity of up to 11 people and has 3 bathrooms with hot and cold shower.

Other perks include:

  • Washing machine so you can do your own laundry.
  • Spacious backyard – plenty of space to hang bikinis, swim trunks, board shorts and beach towels.
  • Plus, there’s a barbeque area where you cook whatever you like and have a private party.
  • Other home items such as refrigerator, electric kettle, toaster, microwave, flat iron and hair dryer are available for you to use.
  • There’s a caretaker who can tour you around the Boracay Island if you’d like. He’s also available whenever you need assistance during your stay though, that can require a small fee.
cheap Boracay rental home

cheap Boracay rental home

cheap Boracay rental home

Boracay rental home - Barbeque Area

The whole place can be rented for any period that’s available. It can be for a few days or weeks or even months. If you’re just going to rent some rooms, certain conditions will apply and that depends upon your agreement with the owner.

Of course, this Boracay rental home doesn’t have direct access to the beach but the cool, salty breeze can still be felt. The neighborhood are privately owned so you don’t have to worry about being disturbed or annoyed by any noise. What you’ll be hearing are the wonderful sounds of nature, very relaxing after a long day of island hopping.

A home away home located at Bantud, Manoc Manoc, Malay, Aklan, just a 15-minute walk to Station 3. Great for taking long walks while enjoying the beautiful scenery beyond the beach. You’ll be surprised seeing many more interesting places nearby. Tricycles are also available if you want to take a short cut or if it’s too hot to walk.

Although the hilly and rocky path going to this place might not be suitable for those who have restricted mobility or certain health conditions, this Boracay rental home is still definitely worth staying for. It might not be as famous yet has captured many hearts, a place where you can enjoy your trip with full of memorable moments.

For bookings and other inquiries about this Boracay rental home, you can send an email at ewastney(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)au or you can either visit Holiday Lettings, Trip AdvisorProperty Boracay or Travel Library for available booking dates.



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  2. Hi! I would like to know your rates for 3 days and 2 nights stay.. And i also would like to see more photos of your facilities if there.s any.. Tnx! By the way the expected of our visit to boracay is either december or january.. There will be like max of 15 people in our group.. Tnx! Have a great day!

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