Posted by: pweng's world | February 27, 2012

Relaunch Challenge Day 1 – Hate List

angry cute kid

angry cute kid (Source:

I don’t how to start all over again or even expect that I can beat this myself in this challenge to finally, relaunch my blogs. To update them on regular basis just like before.

I was supposed to update my other blog, a paid domain that is inaccessible at the moment. Anyway, this is a good start to finally get over with the past and move on but that doesn’t mean that I’ll forget everything. I’ll still be looking back at my old articles, to remind of what I’ve written about.

Today, I looked back at the very first post, written about 4 years ago. I can’t believe that I just posted 32 articles (this is going to be the 33rd) at this period. I could have written more.

What I am about to discuss is not about that old article, it’s quite similar but newer. As years passed, I’ve changed a bit and things I hate the most have evolved along with technology.

Yes, I still do hate chain dawgs, trying hard fashionistas and lovers-in-action. Grown-ups, it depends on certain conditions. And oh, I just remembered the paper that inspired me to write this. I hope I didn’t lost or threw it away, or probably, nevermind.

Here’s an updated list of things I hate the most:

  1. self-praising rats on Facebook –  I just clean the toilet, killed a cockroach, made my mama proud, blah blah blah ……… I’m here at… having … just checked in at… blah blah blah ……… WTF man, who cares?!?
  2. frustrated parrots – They just can’t stop talking about the same thing over and over and over and over and over again!
  3. public display of affection – Older people I can handle but, it’s really nauseating to see young people being overly romantic with each other in public! Yeah, I’ve been in their shoes but  things are really getting worse today.
  4. ambitious fugly boys and girls – Oh common, would you really dare to wear something just to fit in today’s society of overly obsessed trendsetters? Trying so hard will only make you look fuglier than ever.
  5. spitting cobras – not the real thing, but those who don’t mind spitting anywhere they want!

How’s that for a start? Correct me if I’m wrong, I’d be so thankful. I might remember more and do another post about a new set of hate list.

Till then, see you around.


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