Posted by: pweng's world | June 5, 2012

Failed, But Not Giving Up

epic fail

epic fail –

I was thinking of leaving this blog behind for good.  It appears to have a higher page rank than my blog with a paid domain so, I changed my mind.

I challenged myself, I failed but I’m not giving up. I starting posting in my Blogger blog, topics are quite similar to what I’m posting here. Perhaps, I might do some more changes and give more time to bring my all my blogs back to life.

SEO? It’s part of my job but I’d rather not implement them in my personal blogs. Anyway, I’ve been through the hard times without knowing much about it. It sucks to put so much effort and Google will just penalize or deindex my blogs without any notice.

Facebook? It really helps getting more traffic but I decided not to post every link to my blogs there. Not that I don’t want my friends to read my posts but I’ll leave my luck to the search engines now.

I’ll just focus writing crazy stuff and not think about anything else.

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